Yokohama celebrates its craft

Artisans might not come to mind when thinking about car tires, but Yokohama Canada is accentuating craft as it celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The brand’s foundation is performance and innovation, says Diana Colosimo, brand development manager at Yokohama. To celebrate that, it partnered with three craftspeople who make products that also have to have performance at their heart.

The resulting “#TireTailors” campaign, led by Cheil, features the artisans using Yokohoma’s tires and fashioning them into shoes, a surfboard and a saddle – all products for which performance is crucial.

Yokohama targets affluent males between 35 and 54, with a core between 45 and 54. Colosimo describes them as “driving passionates,” who view their tires as accessories, not just necessities, and who appreciate performance.

The products themselves will be showcased at Yokohama dealers, while the campaign will be supported with digital, radio, social media and out-of-home.