Yokohama's brand new all-season tire is conceived to deliver optimal wet-weather grip

Tire maker Yokohama’s big new product this spring and summer is the Geolandar CV G058, the successor to the company’s Geolandar SUV tire that first launched in 2012. The new tire is a grand touring product designed specifically to deliver a quieter ride but especially improved grip in wet weather conditions to SUVs, crossovers and smaller pickups everywhere. I stuck a set of them on my 2016 Hyundai Tucson to see if the pitch matches the reality.

At the heart of the CV, G058 tire is a new CV2 tread compound designed to optimize water evacuation even in heavy rain and on super-slick roads. The obvious benefit of that is better road grip when surfaces are wet or even soaked. The tire’s performance is helped in that regard by distinctive exterior tread blocks.

In a nutshell, the tire tread consists of three circumferential grooves that can handle larger amounts of water and direct that away from the portion of the tire in contact with the road. Hydroplaning thus becomes far less of an issue. In addition, there are many sipes dividing the treads into small sections, which not only helps increase grip on wet pavement but also improves performance on snow – which is relevant to those areas of Canada where all seasons can be used in the cold months of the year. However, note that the Geolandar CV G058 is an all-season tire, NOT rated for winter use in areas where motorists must fit their vehicle with tires carrying the mountain logo.

Yokohama also focused on creating a design that favours stability on the highway and responsiveness and quietens the ride. Both of those goals were met in part by having a centre tread rib that is nearly unbroken rubber.

This is also a tire to consider if you intend on keeping your set in use for several years, as Yokohama says the new tread compound and tire design, which creates a wide and flat road-contact point to reduce uneven wear and improve durability, is meant to last; the company gives it a 65,000-mile tread life rating (the Canadian warranty covers 5 years/100,000 km).

On the road

Obviously, tread life isn’t something we can pronounce ourselves on, having put a brand-new set of the Geolandar CV G058 tires into service with my Tucson only this spring. However, I can attest to the improvement in road grip we could feel, particularly in rainy weather. This applies both in city traffic and particularly on the highway. Our time spent on non-paved surfaces was limited, but when we hit dirt roads, the tires performed admirably, delivering traction and allowing for more than reassuring control. Again, the tires were brand-new, but still, it’s clear that the new Geolandar performs according to the parameters Yokohama set when developing it.

The ride was also notably quieter than with the set of tires the SUV was rolling on before, though I should clarify here that that set was of winter tires, so the comparison is slightly apples-and-oranges. Still, a couple of day-long road trips convinced us that those who prioritize a quiet ride can do worse than choose this newest Yokohama all-seasons product. Handling of our vehicle also felt improved compared to the winter tires on it previously, with turn-ins and corners smoother and more confident than what we were used to from the same vehicle.

On launch, Yokohama made the mid-range Geolandar CV G058 available in 33 sizes to fit most, if not all, crossovers, SUVs and minivans, and many light-duty trucks, I should add, ranging from 16 inches to 20 inches. Still, it promised to add more sizes, so if you have a vehicle needing tires outside that range, we suggest you check with your tire outlet.

I should also point out that Yokohama Canada offers consumers a 60-day warranty (valid from the moment of purchase) during which the tires can be tried out and evaluated. Keep your original bill, and if you don’t like what you’re getting from the tires, you can return them to your point of purchase.

By Derek Boshouwers

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